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This place was created for those of you who love gaming as much as we do and want to pursue a healthy lifestyle while doing it. We have been active gamers for most of our lives and have switched between quite a few games. Each of them taught us different things, but the main point is:

We think that it is a great hobby!

Gaming is great; it teaches communication, trust, determination and more. It is not a surprise that we see e-sports evolving. It is turning into the next big thing in global sports industry as more people dive in the immense and captivating world of gaming.

Now to the bad part:

People tend to surround their gaming with bad habits.

Let's be honest here. We tend to forget about a healthy lifestyle when we game. We consume junk food, rarely take breaks to exercise, do smoke breaks or browse 9gag. That's exactly what we did. We consumed crap food and terrible internet content in between League of Legends games; we didn't exercise while playing Runescape for 10 hours straight; and we drank beer with friends while playing NHL. The same goes for every other game we have played: Counter Strike, Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, World of Warcraft and others.

This left marks on our health: back pain, a bit of extra weight and full brains of dank memes (questionably bad). When the issues became apparent, we started to change our bad habits into good ones and the results were great! Little by little we transformed our gaming lifestyle to make it more healthy.

Now we want to share our knowledge with all of you!

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Gaming experience: I have played various games on different platforms for many years. I started off by playing Playstation 1 and 2 (Tony Hawk Pro Skater anyone?); switched to Xbox later on. Meanwhile, I have always played games on the computer. One of my all-time favourites is Age of Empires (all parts). During school years I started playing Counter-Strike, as well as Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games - MU Online and Runescape. The latter was my addiction for close to 10 years. Currently I have switched to Xbox and some old-school classic board games (Ticket to Ride and Catan) , as well as watching League of Legends live-streams of the best tournaments.

Lifestyle: Apart from gaming and working, I also practice Improvisational theatre, sing in a choir, enjoy running long distances and regularly visit the gym.

Favourite quote: “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” / Lao Tzu


Gaming experience: I started gaming when my mother brought home a SEGA console back in 1999. As a kid I had a vivid fantasy and gaming pushed my imagination even further. I loved it. I played a lot of PS1 and PS2 before I was introduced to Runescape in 2007. I became hooked quickly and logged 166 days of game time in over 5 years. I attribute my Bachelors degree in Finance and Economics to this game, because Runescape had established market conditions that replicate the real life. I was a die hard merchant and I loved earning money by trading and speculating. In 2012 I succumbed to League of Legends as all my friend were playing it. It is a great game for many reasons, but mainly because of the ranking system. You only climb higher if you develop your skills and embrace teamwork. The same applies to your professional life.

Lifestyle: I permanently damaged my spine 4 years ago and since have developed a habit of doing fitness to strengthen my body and relieve the pain. I love hiking, doing sports, gaming and learning new things: currently learning guitar.

Favourite quote: "Waste not a minute!" / Lee Sin